Many insurers seek accurate technical information in order to support the underwriting process. 

We have experience of undertaking on-site surveys across a wide range of industries to collect the information needed to assess potential financial exposure from property damage and business interruption (BI) risks.

A survey typically consists of a three day visit to the client facilities, interviews with key management teams and site tours. The output is a technical report which includes:

  • A description of the site operations
  • An analysis of loss prevention and loss mitigation features
  • A ranking of the quality of the site and recommendations for improvement.
  • Estimation of property damage, based on loss scenarios.

A BI review provides valuable insights to underwriters and clients regarding the potential financial impact following a major insured event such as fire, explosion or natural catastrophe. The analysis is linked to the policy wording and insurance coverages in force. 

During BI reviews we will meet with key personnel from the client to discuss loss scenarios and quantify these using financial data provided. Scenarios considered may also include loss of supplier or customer and other issues depending on the policy in place. The analysis must be clearly presented to inform the client and underwriters in their decision making for insurance placement.


To support clients in implementing recommendations for risk improvement we can undertake extended assignments to develop and implement risk improvement programmes on your site. Such programmes help to manage and reduce operational risks in a sustained and systematic way.